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We build high-quality presses for any purpose! Our state-of-the-art presses are unmatched in efficiency. Well-designed, durable and versatile, we deliver presses from 100 to 5,000 tons capacity – custom-made to your specific requirements. Our range of presses includes everything from simple stamping presses to complex, multi-acting press systems.

Complete production system for stamped and embossed plates

  • High capacity: Up to 900 items per hour
  • Formed plates up to 1,500 mm long
  • Fully automated transfer system
  • Increased precision in forming
  • Greater flexibility
  • Die changes in less than 15 minutes
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Unique press technologies

Hydraulico’s state-of-the art presses deliver with an unmatched efficiency. Well-designed, sturdy and versatile, and built to meet our customers’ specifications.


Automated production lines

High productivity and low handling costs – we design and deliver complete solutions for all kinds of production: Deep drawing, forming, forging ...

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Press upgrades

Complete or partial press upgrades, within just three weeks, on virtually any kind of hydraulic press.

Press upgrades

Pre-forming and upsetting

Specially designed pre-forming/upsetting forging press. Double-sided forging presses, suited for forming round and square parts in steel, aluminum and titanium.

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Rail forging

State of the Art – high capacity production line: 4-8 rails/hour. All operations handled by robots.

Rail forging production line

Service and spare parts

Hydraulico Service: Quick, reliable, and competent. Service around the clock. Preventive Maintenance contracts.

Service and spare parts