About Hydraulico

It’s all about using technology to create real value for our customers.
Hydraulico has been doing just that – since 1946.

Designing technology to customer specifications

Hydraulico as was founded in Denmark in 1946. During the company’s history, Hydraulico has produced over 4,000 presses for customers around the world. Design, construction and production of advanced hydraulic presses are still Hydraulico’s core competences.

Today, however, presses are often delivered as part of a full production system. Utilizing the most recent developments within hydraulics, robotics, software solutions, and computer-based automation systems, we design and deliver custom-designed, cost-effective production lines.

Detailed research, design and development of better technologies are constantly in our focus. Through the combined efforts of employees and partners we strive to enhance and sophisticate our products. In this way, we will continue to invent and deliver front-end solutions for our customers around the world.

The first press from Hydraulico. The year is 1946.

Hydraulico world-wide

Our customers’ presses are used for manufacturing products such as wheel barrows, suitcases, containers, sinks, bathtubs, automotive parts, gas cylinders, pots and pans and window fittings. We also deliver production lines for rail forging and heat exchanger plate production.

The press capacities range from 100 to 5,000 tonnes, and presses are tailor-made to customer specifications. The product programme also includes blanking presses, squeeze-forming presses, forging presses and laboratory presses.

Hydraulico has established itself worldwide, and the company masters the complete range of technologies related to manufacturing with hydraulic presses.

Hydraulico technology is at work every day around the globe. We deliver solutions to satisfied customers almost everywhere, adapting to their expectations and requirements.



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