USP Concept / Jet Engine Blades Forging

Our unique USP concept – your opportunity to be ahead!

Jacques Hammel has many years of experience in Jet Engine Blades Forging, and he sees opportunities with Hydraulico’s Upsetting Press purely because it combines the speed of a mechanical press with the advantages of a hydraulic press.  In addition, it gives you significantly shorter forging process times, uses cheaper tooling/dies, allowing shorter setup times while you see highly improved geometrical and metallurgical qualities. The Hydraulico USP press offers the global blades forging customers the opportunity to get ahead in a strong competitive market, because the USP press offers you reductions such as:

  • Handling costs by 50%
  • Lubrication costs by 30%
  • Scrap rates by 20%
  • Energy consumption by 30%


This USP concept provides your company with the flexibility that you need to accommodate your customers’ requirements. You can also process different materials and blads of any shapes.

A FLEXIBLE solution for the competitive companies who need a highly productive solution through fast die change and a maximum uptime at the lowest cost possible.

Meet Mr. Jacques Hammel and hear his thoughts on our USP concept: Hydraulico Jet Engine Blades

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