Hydraulic presses – built to purpose

Our state-of-the-art presses are well-designed, durable and versatile. We deliver presses up to 10,000 tons capacity – as standard models or custom-made to your specific requirements.

Hi-tech forming

Advanced forming press, tri-axis. A powerful, versatile press, packed with advanced functionality. Used for highly complex forming operations – to do the impossible!

For complex parts

4-axis 2,000 tons deep drawing press for complex parts.

The compact press

Hydraulico compact for low-ceiling press rooms. A compact, custom-designed press for bending of steel profiles. Height just 4.5 metres.

Large-table press

Hydraulico large table press. In mono-block design and tie-rod design. A 2,000 tons customized press for forming of automotive parts. With extra wide table and a custom-built control system.

Try-out press

Tryout press for tool testing. Fast tool change with movable table.

Double upsetting press

Double upsetting/pre-forming press. The press has 3 complete main systems: one clamping cylinder and two side cylinders for tools.

Forging press

Rail forging press. The press is part of a complete Rail Forging Line deliverede by Hydraulico.

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Hydraulico Standard Press

Hydraulico also offers a Standard Press Range. Excellent quality/price performance. Best choice for stamping, blanking, forming, minting applications – contact us for specifications.

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