Advanced deep drawing

Hydraulico offers a wide range of presses for deep drawing of both symmetrical and asymmetrical parts.

Product examples

Hydraulico Concrete Mixer production

Concrete mixer (conical parts)

Double bowl sinks

Double bowl sinks

Extra-deep single bowl sinks, square

Extra-deep single bowl sinks, round


Deep drawing with high quality

Sinks, bathtubs, wheel barrows, concrete mixers – Hydraulico presses customized to your production!

Hydraulico’s unique Electronic ShimmingTM Technology guarantees optimum blanket control. The system eliminates wrinkles and cracks in the finished parts, and reduces scrap rates.

The facts

Get the best press for deep drawing

  • Electronic ShimmingTM on all press models
  • Higher production capacity
  • Substantially reduced scrap rates
  • Forming of final part in just one draw
  • No wrinkles or scratches
  • Fast die changes
  • Automated production lines available

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