Production of heat exchanger plates

Complete production system – a 200 tons modular press and a 5,000 tons embossing press are integrated with coilers, straighteners and stacking system.

System overview

Complete production line for manufacturing of heat exchanger plates

At one end, metal strips are fed into Press 1 for stamping. Plates are then transferred to Press 2 for embossing and forming.
Finally, the plates are automatically straightened and stacked on pallets, ready for pick-up.


The facts

Production of heat exchanger plates

  • High capacity: Up to 900 items per hour
  • Forms and embosses plates up to 1m2
  • Fully automated line from coils to finished stacks
  • Electronic Shimming™: Dynamic pressing control in separate areas
  • Improved ability for soldering and welding
  • Great flexibility, high efficiency
  • Die change in 15 minutes

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