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Think ahead: Preventive Maintenance

Your insurance against inconvenient breakdowns – not just for our products, but for all brands.

With a Preventive Maintenance Contract from Hydraulico you will have more than a fair chance to avoid unwanted production stops and/or severe damage to your press. Besides, you will probably add several years to the life of your press as well.

For a fixed annual fee, you get regular visits by Hydraulico engineers and technicians who cross-examine and check all vital functions on the press, replace parts before they break – and run the press through several tests, optimizing the overall performance of the system.

A Preventive Maintenance Contract can be adapted to customer needs and demands. Please contact our Service Department to get more detailed information.

With Hydraulico’s Preventive Maintenance Contract, we offer a way of avoiding unwanted production stops and/or severe damage to your press, likely extending your press’ life by several years. Hydraulico has a policy of manufacturing our own parts, ensuring that critical components are always available to you, in their original form and customized for each individual client.

Legalization of hydraulic presses

Whatever brand or production year, Hydraulico offers you the possibility to bring your press into compliance with local regulations.

Cylinder renovation

Cylinder repair and refurbishment is often a reasonable alternative to a complete system
change, and Hydraulico technicians have many years of experience in these repairs. We also
offer tailored manufacturing, meeting the needs of the clients on a personalized basis.

  • We deliver and install new cylinders
  • We renovate and repair exisiting cylinders of all press brands
  • Dimensions: 100 tons - 5.000 tons
  • Short delivery time


The facts

A typical service inspection procedure:

  • Visual frame control
  • Overall check for leaks
  • Control of all safety systems
  • Complete check of hydraulic systems
  • Complete check of electric systems
  • Oil samples are taken from tank for laboratory analysis
  • Filter replacements

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