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Preventive Maintenance

Your insurance against inconvenient breakdowns – not just for our products, but for all brands.

With our Preventive Maintenance Contract you will have a unique chance to avoid unwanted production stops and/or severe damage to your hydraulic press. Besides, you will probably add several years to the life of your hydraulic presses as well.

For a fixed annual fee, Hydraulico service technicians will visit you regularly and cross-examine/check all vital functions on the press, replace parts before they break – and run the press through several tests, optimizing the overall performance of the system.

Hydraulico’s Preventive Maintenance Contract

Our Preventive Maintenance Contract can be adapted to your needs and demands. 

We offer a way of avoiding unwanted production stops and/or severe damage to your press, likely extending your press’ life by several years. We have a policy of manufacturing our own parts, ensuring that critical components are always available to you, in their original form and customized for each individual client.

Think ahead

The success of state-of-the-art equipment depends for a great deal on the way it is operated and maintained. This awareness has put us at the forefront of developing user-friendly support products and services – not just for our presses, but for all press brands. In today’s markets, where cost of ownership becomes increasingly important, we have well understood that value added services are the key to optimal performance and return on investments. Besides, you will probably add several years to the life of your press as well.

Improve your output with proactive services

Our services can be customized to fit any operation and will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your operations will run smoothly.

Depending on your priorities and preferences, our service solutions are tailor-made into a robust Service Agreement, which can easily be updated as your operation changes or grows.

With a customized Service Agreement, your maintenance costs become more predictable, and regular routine tune-ups scheduled to fit into your production cycle will minimize downtime and extend the lifetime of your equipment.

Contact us to learn which service best supports you in reaching your operational goals.

Service Agreements - designed to your needs

Our Service Agreements are designed to meet your specific needs for preventive maintenance, repairs, spare parts, and other services. We have vested interest in providing the highest quality and reliable service. When you are in a rush to resolve a problem, every second counts. With a Service Agreement you can rest assured that we will respond promptly and arrive when we say we will, with the right skills, knowledge, tools, and attitude to handle your issue.

Planned maintenance

Planned maintenance solutions aim to maximize your uptime and promote continuous improvements with inspection visits and preventive maintenance visits and packages. By testing and adjusting equipment and parts, these service solutions aim at preventing equipment or process failures from occurring. If problems occur, you will have quick access to the correct parts to maximize performance.  

Repair and parts

Repair and parts solutions aim to minimize your downtime. These solutions guarantee customer support and continuous improvements at a defined cost. We perform maintenance in partnership with you to best meet your needs. Services may include 16/7 support and scheduled inspection visits to optimize performance and extend the lifetime of your equipment.

Customer support center 16/7

Hydraulico experts are available for assistance in critical moments.

Our customer support center provides remote and telephone support for assistance with routine questions regarding the use of Hydraulico’s product or solution, assistance in identifying and verifying the cause of suspected defects or errors, and advice on how to bypass or correct identified defects or errors.