Production of sinks

With advanced deep drawing technology and Electronic ShimmingTM

Product examples

Deep sink, square


Double bowl sink

With the unique Electronic ShimmingTM Technology, complex shapes can be drawn with great precision.

Hydraulico’s state-of-the-art presses are unmatched in efficiency. Well-designed, durable and versatile, Hydraulico’s presses range in capacity from 100 to 5,000 tons. We offer custom-made presses for your specific requirements.

Extreme blanket hold control

Hydraulico’s patented Electronic Shimming PlateTM¬†offers extreme blankhold control and short start-up time in monoblock deep drawing.

With deep drawing, material flow changes significantly during drawing, often causing problems with wrinkles and cracks.

Electronic Shimming reduces scrap rates, facilitates production control, and allows for quick and uncomplicated tool changing.

The facts

Production of sinks

  • Presses can be delivered in any size and configuration
  • Electronic ShimmingTM gives maximum blank hold control
  • Complete automated production lines with impressive output rates
  • Hydraulico has great experience in stabilizing the
    difficult deep drawing process
  • Stiffness of frame
  • Savings: Eliminating scrap, reducing costs
  • Fast startup times
  • Higher uptimes on system will boost productivity
  • Active Drawing
  • Great reduction of daily energy costs with Active Punching Technology

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