Hydraulico solutions

We deliver complete production lines, including advanced Hydraulico presses – and all equipment needed for lubricating, handling, moving, forging, cutting, feeding, stacking etc.. Please review some examples here.


Hydraulico Rail Forging Line

Rail Forging: A Complete Solution including a 5,000 ton press with specially developed dies, and an advanced computer-controlled handling and manipulating system boosts productivity for rail manufacturers around the world.

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Hydraulico Heat Exchanger Plate Line

A super-efficient, complete production system – Up To 1 sqm (11 sqf) plates – Up to 900 pcs/hour – Quick die change.

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Hydraulico Food Tray Line

A complete production system with 3 presses and 3 robots, lubrication and transport systems.

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Production of sinks

We deliver full production systems for production of all sorts of steel sinks. Our unique Electronic Shimming Technology ensures low scrap rates and perfect products.

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Production of concrete mixer bowls

Our production systems perform perfect deep drawing of bowls, and automated handling and tooling afterwards.

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Press Rebuildings

Hydraulico offers complete or partial press upgrades/rebuilds, within just three weeks, on virtually any kind of hydraulic press.

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Hydraulico Service

Hydraulico’s service crews have a reputation for their broad-minded approach to problem-solving, and for their experience and know-how within hydraulics, electronics, mechanics and computer software.

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Our engineers, service staff and salespeople are ready to hear from you – please feel free to contact them.

Erik Aagaard

Sales Director, Press Systems

Mobile +45 8780 2000

Carles Angla

Sales Director, Exports

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Per Madsen

Area Sales Manager

Mobile +45 2249 8236

Torben Bo Nielsen

Area Sales Manager

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