Forging of heated parts

Presses for forging of metal require great control of the metal flow during forming. Hydraulico has technologies that precisely does that.

Controlling the flow of metal

To ensure maximum control of the metal flow within the die, Hydraulico has worked closely with technology-leading universities who have developed advanced computer software for simulation of the way metal flows during the forming process. Detailed analysis of process simulations has produced many important data that benefits die construction.

Product examples

Forging of rails

Computer simulation of metal temperature

Rail forging test

Rail forging test

The facts

The challenges of forging of heated items:

  • Heating and cooling of steel may weaken the material structure
  • Controlling the final shape of forged items can be difficult, but essential to reduce machining cost significantly
  • Reducing operation cycle time is crucial

Hydraulico has developed efficient solutions to these challenges. Contact us for more information.

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Forging of heated parts
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