Hydraulico technologies

Hydraulico produces presses – and develops technologies to enahnce production results and boost productivity. Please review some examples here.


Electronic ShimmingTM

Electronic ShimmingTM adjusts the flow of metal dynamically during the deep drawing and greatly improves product quality.

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Forging of heated metal

Our Rail Forging System is just one example of press-forging of heated parts.

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Upsetting Press Technology

Fast, precise forging – with a continuous, controllable punch. Our upsetting presses have a precision better than +/- 0.1 mm – even though they move with a speed of up to 120 mm per second!

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Simulation of metal flow

Controlling the flow of the metal during forging and deep drawing is essential for good results. Hydraulico has done extensive research into the behavior of flowing metal.

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Rail Transfer System

Hydraulico has developed a unique robot system for handling of rails – in our Rail Forging System.

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Sales Director, Press Systems

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Sales Director, Exports

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Area Sales Manager

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