Reduce cycle time, scrap costs and tool wear, and improve finished product quality.

Upsetting press technology

Fast, precise forging

A hydraulic press delivers a continuous, controllable punch – ideal for precise forging. In this press, the two side cylinders are servo-controlled and have a precision better than +/- 0.1 mm – even though they move with a speed of up to 120 mm per second!

The system features 3 individual forging functions:

  • one clamping/preform
  • two extrusion/upsetting functions from the sides


Metal bar and forged product

3 complete main systems: one clamping cylinder and two side cylinders for tools

Great flexibility

  • Allows to perform extrude operation instead of upsetting
  • Adapt forming speed to input material
  • In tool design and punch holder design
  • Use standard punches = lower cost, less inventory
  • Tool set-up is easy on the Hydraulico Upsetting Press
  • The harsh impact noise is eliminated


The facts

Upsetting technology

  • Ideal for precise forging and automation

  • Servo control with individual control of all forging parameters:
    Speed, stop positions, forces and die contact time
  • Forging speed up to 350 mm per second!
  • Double output at lower cost
  • Accuracy +/- 0,1 mm
  • Improved flow characteristics

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