Production of sinks

With advanced deep drawing technology and Electronic ShimmingTM

Double bowl sink

With the unique Electronic ShimmingTM Technology, complex shapes can be drawn with great precision.

Hydraulico’s state-of-the-art presses are unmatched in efficiency. Well-designed, durable and versatile, Hydraulico’s presses range in capacity from 100 to 10,000 tons. We offer custom-made presses for your specific requirements.

Extreme blankholding control

Hydraulico’s patented Electronic Shimming PlateTM offers extreme blankholding control and short start-up time in monoblock deep drawing.

With deep drawing, material flow changes significantly during drawing, often causing problems with wrinkles and cracks.

Electronic Shimming™ reduces scrap rates, facilitates production control, and allows for quick and uncomplicated tool changing.

The facts about production of sinks

Automated production line for production of food trays and sinks

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