Hydraulico Rail Transfer System

This robot handling system has been developed for the Rail Forging Line, but the system will handle all kinds of long objects.

Robots in perfect sync

Every manipulator robot is, in fact, a selfcontained functional independent unit with its own hydraulic system. In practical production setups, however, precise coordination with the other robots in the “team” is, of course, important.

5-axis manipulators with servo move, turn and position rails during production
The Rail Transfer System is fully integrated into the
production flow

Fast production cycles

The Rail Forging System has four manipulators that operate in perfect coordination, and the system completes 5-8 rails per hour. Each rail is only heated once, saving considerable amounts of time and energy in the complete process.

All forging operations are conducted within 90 seconds, eliminating the need for an extra heating.

Built-in flexibility

Process surveillance and control is obtained via customized computer software. Every functional detail in the Rail Forging System is programmable, and may be changed in order to adapt to different tasks, or alternative productions.